The CEAN-XT4-G2 was engineered to be a low-profile and light weight (540gr), buoyant and high impact multi-adaptable helmet that provides safety, comfort and purpose for the mission at hand.

Certified and tested to numerous requirements the CEAN-XT4-G2 features a high-impact Polycarbonate blend shell with UV and flame-resistant properties and incorporates an inner high-density liner with replaceable closed cell foam padding. The webbing comes in two widths, is mildew resistant and available in either a flame retardant or military H-strap option for night vision carriers.

The CEAN-XT4-G2 design reduces bucketing, does not interfere with inflatable life vests and can be worn with a 4mm neoprene balaclava. The internal vertical adjustment cradle swings down to sit below the occipital bone, forming a snug fit and provides hair bun wearers easy adjustment.

The CEAN-XT4-G2 has color options to fit any purpose, International Orange, High Visibility Yellow, Red, White, Blue, Navy, Black, Green, Atlantic UN Blue, Tan, Olive, Digital Blue, Tan, Green, Multi-Cam White, Black.

The CEAN-XT4-G2 has been a “lifesaver” for a crew in Alaskan’s waters, and would be an integral part of any maritime, military, coast guard or mountain rescue operation. 

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